Commercial Services


Our service provides a property condition assessment and a report prior to purchase. Most clients request the report for their own information but it may also be required by the lending institution. In addition, many investment groups utilize our report for distributing property information to its members.

Sellers Preparation
An inspection before listing a property can aid in preparing the property for sale, lessen or prevent transaction difficulties as well as increase your return on investment. We provide our clients with a property condition report that can be used to make repairs/upgrades, obtain cost estimates to provide to potential buyers, or present to potential buyers so they are aware of the building conditions.

Bank Requirements
Many lending institutions require inspections to determine property conditions and potential capital expenditures. Tiger is able to modify the scope of work to satisfy a lender’s requirements.

Additionally, Tiger can provide Contractor Budget Reviews and Verification of Draw Request for construction loans.


Triple-net lease
Within a triple-net lease, the leasing party is responsible for the maintenance of the building. It is in the best interest of the lessor to know the building condition in order to assess continuing maintenance costs.

Pre-lease/ Post-lease
The lessor of a commercial building requires documented evidence of the building’s current condition before leasing it out. A Pre-lease inspection can serve both the lessor and the lessee to eliminate claims of damage or lack of maintenance on the building. Similar to a pre-lease inspection, a post-lease inspection allows the lessor to determine and document the condition prior to the departure of a current tenant.


We work with Homeowners Associations (HOA) as well as property management companies providing reserve fund studies and entire or partial complex condition assessments. Prior projects include roof assessments, window evaluation, termite, radon and other components.

Reserve Fund Studies
In many cases the HOA wishes to determine the condition of all components that are the association’s common responsibility. In addition to the property condition assessment, Tiger provides consulting services and a presentation of the findings to the association board or to the owners.

Specific Components Study
When a Home Owner Association is preparing to repair or replace a specific component throughout the complex; Tiger provides an unbiased third party opinion. Services can include evaluation of current conditions, review of subcontractor proposals, and monitoring construction. Historically, we have conducted inspections for roofing, windows, decks, crawlspace basements.

Property Management Assistance
Management companies utilize our service to provide a baseline of conditions to report back to the Home Owner Association. 


Similar to our Condominium Services owners of properties such as church organizations, clubs or other facilities need guidance for property conditions, problem solving, and expected cost planning. There is typically a responsibility to provide a board of directors or membership with unbiased information. Tiger can perform a building Inspection or specific component inspection on such properties. Historically we have worked with church facilities, golf/tennis clubs and municipalities.

Tiger Group has assisted our business with both our current retail building purchase and prior leasing buildings over the years. Joe and his team are true professionals. The detailed report and timely service aided us in making contract decisions. I would highly recommend their services to any business.

Ted (Old Saybrook, CT)

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