Introducing… our NEW 2018-20 (3) Credit CE Course Offerings

2018-20 (3) Credit Continuing Education Course Offerings

Smart Energy Solutions for Existing Homes – Savvy Buyers and Sellers are seeking greater energy affordability, an improved lifestyle, and responsible building practices.  They look to you, the Real Estate Practitioner, as a resource to provide them with information so that they may make informed decisions.  This course offers a comprehensive review of the myriad options available, including State and Federal initiatives and incentives.  Real-time case studies demonstrate practical and affordable solutions, as well as the relationship between cost and value. (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

MOLD to SOLD! Fact vs. FictionA definitive, no-nonsense guide for Real Estate Professionals!  What is your responsibility as a Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent, and Broker? This Course dispels the many misconceptions about mold. Testing and remediation options and guidelines from the EPA, CT Department of Public Health, and CAR will be presented and explained. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of how to deal with water intrusion and mold issues in a Real Estate transaction so that they may better inform both buyers and sellers.  (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

Environmental Issues – Evolution to Resolution   Radon, Lead, Asbestos, and More   Due to the heightened awareness of environmental issues, as well as more rigid State and Federal requirements, these concerns are many times at the forefront of a Real Estate transaction. Understanding the complex nature of these issues will allow you to better inform your client and facilitate a favorable outcome for both buyer and seller. This course brings clarity to the science behind the most common environmental issues, as well as how to identify, manage and mitigate concerns. (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

Minimize Your Risk – Maximize Your Earnings – Understanding and identifying the Top 10 Property Related Conditions that most often result in disputes according to the NAR Legal Pulse/Legal Scan.  This course offers an in-depth analysis of actual inspection scenarios presented with extensive photos and commentary.  Attendees will gain a greater awareness of how to identify and mitigate adverse conditions, from water intrusion to structural issues and beyond.  Learn to recognize and interpret warning signs to better protect yourself and your clients. (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

This Old Connecticut HouseUnderstanding and Selling Antique Homes in Today’s Real Estate Market.  Attendees will take a photographic tour throughout Connecticut visiting historic and antique homes.  We will cover 17th through 19th-century architectural styles and history, including the evolution of the construction process. Current day deterioration issues and solutions will be discussed at length, as well as restoration guidelines and resources. (Salesperson/Broker CE)

Green Building Best Practices – Innovations in Sustainable Housing   Demand for Green homes is expected to rise over 900% in the next 5 years. “Green Building” is the design that focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment.   This course covers the latest technologies in new construction as well as State and Federal initiatives and tax incentives.  Invaluable information for the forward-thinking Real Estate Professional that wishes to be informed of the many energy conservation trends in our changing world. (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

Residential Construction Practices Let’s build a house together! From site work to finishes, this course takes the mystery out of residential construction practices.  A greater understanding of the anatomy of a house, including terminology,  as well as the latest trends in building materials will help bring clarity to property disclosure and inspection issues. Learn how changing demographics by Millenials and Boomers are redefining the home building landscape. Relevant and compelling information for even the most experienced Realtor. (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

What to Expect When We’re Inspecting   The concept of a home inspection is often misunderstood. What are the scope and limitations of a home inspection? What does a home inspection cover? What is not covered? This course reviews the Connecticut Home Inspection Standards and brings clarity to each party’s responsibility within the Real Estate Transaction. Learn to avoid common pitfalls as we examine case studies of home inspections gone awry! (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

Don’t Let Water Intrusion Sink Your Deal!  Mold, Moisture, Mildew…oh my!  Fact: More than 87% of Home Inspections show evidence of water/moisture penetration. This course takes the mystery (and fear) out of the Where, What, Why, and How of water intrusion.  Where is it located?  What does it look like?  Why did it happen and How do you fix/remediate it?  Written in clear, concise language, and using abundant photos, you will gain a greater understanding of the indicators, the causes, and the cures for water and moisture penetration. (Approved for Salesperson/Broker CE)

Interested in expanding your Real Estate knowledge? Tiger offers several engaging Continuing Education Electives for Realtors and Appraisers through Real Estate Organizations and Charity fundraisers throughout Connecticut. See our calendar below. We are continually scheduling new classes so check back periodically.

Please contact the association listed in the calendar notes for registration and fees.

Tiger Group offers compelling seminars for your next sales meeting or company training session.  

Our 45-60-minute seminars educate both new and experienced agents.

Newest Tiger Seminars:

Understanding Radon: Properties, Testing and Remediation What is Radon? Why should we be concerned about it? And more on testing protocols in Real Estate and remediation methods.

Seller Preparation Inspections: Home Inspectors find defects; it comes with the territory. But an inordinate number of deficiencies will make a buyer feel overwhelmed and disenchanted. Learn the benefits of having Home Inspection information prior to listing a house “For Sale”.

203K/Homestyle HUD FinancingBuy it, Fix it – all in one loan to get your buyer clients into the home of their dreams. From contract to completion, this seminar takes the mystery out of Renovation Financing.

Commercial InspectionsFrom strip centers to condos and from multi-dwellings to light industrial, this seminar explains what to expect from a commercial inspection.

 Most Requested Tiger Seminars:

What to Expect When We’re Inspecting – For new and interested agents. An overview of the home inspection process, how to choose an inspection company, CT Licensing Standards, radon, water testing, mold, and more. (We also have a new buyer version.)

Top 10 Environmental Issues – Everything you need to know to navigate your transactions.  A deeper analysis focusing on testing methods and costs, and remediation options for Radon, Mold, Well Water, Asbestos, and more…

PCD Perils & Pitfalls – (Water/Septic/Sewer) Property Condition Disclosure remains the 2nd leading cause of disputes in the real estate transaction.  Join us as we examine 2 CT court cases.  Interactive with group discussion. Great follow up to Law & Order HIU.

Mold – Fact vs. Fiction – A definitive, no-nonsense guide to get you from Mold to Sold! Assessments, testing, remediation, and avoiding scams.

 Law & Order HIU (Home Inspection Unit) – The cases are REAL, the people are REAL, and so are the VERDICTS!  Case studies regarding Connecticut Disclosure and Home Inspections disputes. Who bears the liability?  Interactive.

This Old Connecticut House – Selling Antique Homes in Today’s Real Estate Market. Understanding architectural styles and unique features, including a guided tour of historic Connecticut homes.

Minimize Your Risk – Maximize Your Earnings – Top 10 Property Related Conditions that most often lead to disputes according to NAR. Learn to identify adverse conditions and warning signs to better protect yourself and your client.

Mock Inspection – A Review of the CT State Standards, environmental test options, and an abbreviated inspection tour for hands-on learning held at your listing site (1.5-2 hours)

Individual Training Modules – Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We’ll create a workshop or seminar designed especially for you and your training needs – perfect for new and experienced agents alike.

  • Septic and Well systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Roofing
  • Wood destroying insects
  • Electrical, Plumbing, Structural
  • Asbestos, Lead, Mold, UST
  • Radon—air and water
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