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NEW Tiger Enhanced Home Inspection

You asked and we answered! Clients often asked why moisture detection infrared camera use was only part of our Mold Assessment Service. And, in our years of experience, we found clients overly concerned about rodents too. We’ve created an “Enhanced” Service Package with these and other valuable features to better inform clients about their purchase and assist in achieving a well-maintained home.

Includes all Tiger Essential Inspection Services Plus:

Moisture Detection Inspection utilizing Infrared (IR) Imaging and Moisture Meter
Visually inspect all accessible areas for moisture concerns. We have developed a specific inspection procedure to identify interior moisture concerns. Scan surfaces with IR camera including basement, attic, garage,, and all interior surfaces. Investigate and IR temperature anomalies with moisture meter. IR photos and matching standard photo included in our reporting.

Inspection for Household Rodents
Over 30% of homes have a household rodent infestation; an increase in activity is readily apparent over the past two years in response to biological and food source changes. Our inspectors seek to determine evidence of rodents to include both mice and rats by inspecting for tell-tale signs such as tracks, burrowing, feces and much more. By identify prior extermination efforts by professionals or homeowners we can guide our clients to next steps. We help with home maintenance by including identifying conditions conducive to rodent infestation and provident preventative rodent exclusion advice.

Shut-off and other System Labels
To be prepared for an emergency or seasonal maintenance, the shut-off valves in a home should be properly labeled. Our Enhanced Service provides printed stickers for nine of your most important valves and shut-offs for ease of locating. We give guidance for sticker installation or can install them at your future Home Maintenance Inspection.

50% off your 1st Anniversary Maintenance Inspection including Recall Check
Often, we’re told, “Wow, I should do one of these inspections even though I am not buying or selling.” We certainly agree! With our 50% discount offer, it’s the perfect opportunity to review, maintain, and plan. Our 1st Anniversary Maintenance Inspection is designed to provide you with complete details of the condition of all components and systems in order to develop a sensible and affordable maintenance schedule. And it includes our Recall Check Program, where you will be registered and notified if there are consumer recall issues with any appliances in your home. As our “Client for Life” we will guide you in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your family.

Benefits of a Home Maintenance Inspection:

• Prevents minor deterioration from turning into major repairs
• Extend the life of major systems
• Plan and distribute maintenance and upgrade expenses over time
• Offers opportunities to improve your homes energy efficiency
• Live in a healthier environment
• Maintain your home’s value

Our Tiger Client Service Team will contact you after your Home Inspection 1-year Anniversary to schedule your Home Maintenance Inspection.

Tiger Essential Home Inspection

Understanding and being comfortable with the largest investment of your lifetime makes good sense. Now that you have selected a home, your attorney, banker and realtor will advise you to hire a licensed home inspector.

A Home Inspection is a visual examination of the accessible structure and systems of the building, adhering to the Connecticut Regulations for Home Inspections. A Tiger inspection will evaluate the structure, systems and components of the property and offer maintenance and upgrade suggestions beyond the minimal Standards of Inspection. Our report will provide you with the information necessary to make an informed purchase.

We encourage buyers to be present and participate in the inspection process. You will find your Tiger inspection to be an excellent educational experience. This education includes an explanation of your home’s systems, utility shut-offs and seasonal needs. In addition, we will provide you with a preventative maintenance guide to assist you in understanding how to effectively protect your investment.

The Tiger Standard Inspection Includes

• Wood Boring Insect Report
• Building – accessible structure
• Roof & Exterior
• Deck/Entry/Porch
• Garage and Outbuildings
• Basement / Crawl Space
• Heating & Cooling System

• Electrical System
• Plumbing & Water Heater
• Kitchen
• Bathrooms
• Interior Rooms
• Attic
• Insulation & Vapor Barriers

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