Home Maintenance Inspection

Home Maintenance Inspection

The benefits of a Home Maintenance Inspection:
• Prevents minor deterioration from turning into major repairs
• Extend the life of major systems
• Plan and distribute maintenance and upgrade expenses over time
• Offers opportunities to improve your homes energy efficiency
• Live in a healthier environment
• Maintain your home’s value


Maintaining your home, often the largest investment of your lifetime, simply makes good sense. Because we are so busy with life’s activities, we often do not recognize the need for regular or preventive maintenance for our homes. As a result of the lack of knowledge of changing home conditions, home maintenance needs are often unrecognized and deferred – leaving our homes to slow deterioration and potentially higher repair expenses.

Our Homeowner Services Program is designed to provide you with complete details of the condition of all components and systems in order to develop a sensible and affordable maintenance schedule and guide you in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your family. Many items can be easily addressed by a handy homeowner or handy-man. And it even includes a full Wood Destroying Insect Inspection by our Certified Staff.


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