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Mold Testing

Mold Assessment Starts at $429

Mold Assessment Includes:

• Thorough assessment by our Certified Mold Specialists w/ infrared camera imaging
• Air samples to compare indoor and outdoor spore levels
• Recommendations for additional sampling
• Detailed report with summary cover letter

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Living in our homes day in and day out, it’s often easy to begin to ignore troubling signs and accept what should be concerning conditions. Often homeowners dismiss that dank, musty odor in the basement, but this often characteristic of mold growth. Many molds give off volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), essentially gasses, that are responsible for that odor. If your home has slow but persistent water leaks or has a wet or damp basement, these are all conditions leading to a mold issue. Homes with water entry and moisture issues, chronic high humidity, or past water damage can all be susceptible to mold growth as well.

For some individuals, if the exposure level is high enough, these gasses can cause adverse health effects. If you develop symptoms such as headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes, when you’re home but not when you’re away, this can be a strong indicator that mold spore counts in your home are high. Additionally, people with sensitivity to mold spores – allergic reactions, adverse respiratory responses, suppressed immune systems or other health concerns – should have their home tested. Lastly, if you find visible mold but are unsure if the mold has spread throughout your home, Tiger’s Mold Assessment will give assurance of the current conditions.

Having a Professional Mold Specialist perform a Mold Assessment along with air samples throughout your home is the best way to determine if you have a mold concern. A Tiger Mold Assessment will, visually and with infrared scanning, evaluate all accessible areas of the house to determine the presence of mold and mold conducive conditions. Based on their assessment our Certified Specialists will make recommendations on areas for sampling.

For additional information on mold, visit EPA.


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