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2021 – We Totally Forgot

Here we are spring of 2022 and we just realized we totally forgot to celebrate our special month last year. You see, April is National Home Inspection Month. And, with all the chaos, we neglected to celebrate our special month!

But here we are in 2022, and April is National Home Inspection Month once again. As an added bonus, Tiger is also celebrating 30 years as a Connecticut family business!

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Energy audit

The Cold Got You Down?

Rising heating cost got you down, tired of cold drafts? You can make a change with an energy audit. Learn how your home can work efficiently and more economically, so it’s a home you value more. It’s about more than just saving “energy”: it’s comfort, convenience, and money in your pocket. No matter how you heat your home, whether you’re buying a home or just updating where you live now; Energy professionals will make improvements that lower your energy bills for immediate and long-term savings. I did some research last year and took advantage of this great program myself.

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What is the Best Way to Mitigate Radon?

If you are a regular follower of our blog, you already know January is Radon Action Month, so let’s talk Radon!  We often get asked what is the best way to mitigate radon? As Inspectors, we routinely see depressurization mitigation systems in the field, however, there is an alternative mitigation system that we are seeing more often. We asked mitigation expert, Matt Bednarz of Connecticut Basement Systems Radon to help us understand the differences between the two most common Active Airborne Radon Mitigation Strategies, the standard Sub-Slab Depressurization, and the alternative Heat Recovery Ventilator System.

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Septic systems

How to keep your budget on track and your toilets flushing!

When your septic system fails, you can’t flush your toilets, take a shower, or even do a load of laundry and unlike your roof, where you can physically see the deterioration, you won’t know your septic has failed until it is too late. A common mistake that homeowners make is forgetting that their septic system is a crucial component of their home, requiring routine maintenance and care. 

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Gault Energy Services

Prepare Now to Avoid Delays Later

If we’ve learned anything over the last 18 months it’s prepare, prepare, prepare! Mail takes longer, lengthier lines form in stores, and many products, like home heating equipment, simply aren’t as available as in the past.
While the economy continues to rebound with homeowners investing in their homes, timing and availability remain a challenge. It’s time to be proactive. Upgrading or replacing your home heating equipment might be more than you bargained for this season, but consider this: it’s a 10-degree day in January and your 30-year-old boiler kicks the bucket. What happens next?

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Mold Assessment

Attic Mold? – Have No Fear!

You’ve seen the report: “Suspected microbial growth.  Recommend evaluation by licensed mold remediator.”

You’ve heard the sentence: “There are black stains on the sheathing in the attic.”

The sellers are saying, “It’s been that way for years.”

The buyers are freaking out at the word “mold.”  They’re worried it’s throughout the whole house…in the walls and lying in wait.

The fact is, mold affects everyone differently, but it is less of a concern when it is outside the living space (like an attic). Testing the air in the living space could tell you if it is affecting the air quality in the living space of the home. While every situation is unique, air testing often shows that the indoor air quality is not usually being affected by what is in the attic.

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Pool Service

Pool School – A Service to Simplify Things for the New Pool Owner

Most people know they should have pools inspected as part of the inspection process when considering a new home. In fact, I have detailed the reasons why it is recommended in a past blog post with Tiger. However, what people often don’t know is exactly what to do with, or how to take care of, a pool once they have purchased a home with one.  Basic pool care can seem very overwhelming and confusing to those who have never had to do it before. That is where our “Pool School” service comes in.

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