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Seller Preparation Inspection: Less Stress, Faster Sale

Home Inspectors find defects; it comes with the territory. A small number of these deficiencies are expected based upon the age and general condition of the home. Whereas an inordinate amount of deficiencies will make a home buyer “feel” differently about the home – overwhelmed and disenchanted. Over 50% of home inspection findings are deferred maintenance, easily fixable by a handy homeowner or handyman. Having Home Inspection information available prior to listing a house “For Sale” has many transaction benefits…

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Carpenter Bees Nest; Do They Cause Damage?

Do Carpenter Bees Nest? It’s a fair question, but the answer is not as simple. The fact is that most people associate wasps, hornets and bumble bees with having a nest. However, the carpenter bee is much different.It’s spring and you’re outside, and you see large robust what look to be bumble bees hovering by your roof line. You likely have carpenter bees, and it’s probably not the first year. The carpenter bees nest differs from other bees…

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Pool Inspections – The What, Why and How…

While pool inspections should be an integral part of the home inspection and buying processes, they are unfortunately sometimes not included or done as a mere afterthought. Maybe it’s because pools are often viewed as a luxury and not a necessity like many of the homes other components and/or systems. Regardless of the reason, failing to get a pool inspected by a licensed professional could prove to be an extremely costly decision down the road… READ MORE

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How Safe is a Twenty-Year-Old Wood Framed Deck?

May is Deck Safety Month, and we’re coming up on grilling season, so we thought it is an appropriate time to discuss this common backyard installation. We receive phone calls and emails about aging systems in people’s homes all the time.

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Warm Weather + Radon Testing = Need for Better Communication

As fellow Real Estate Professionals, we understand the need to communicate effectively with clients regarding timely topics. We are now experiencing the warmest time of the year and anticipate radon report delays as a result of homes and buildings not being prepared for Warm Weather Radon Testing.

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Vermiculite Class Action Suit Settled

Finally, it was announced in April 2015  that a major manufacturer of Vermiculite Insulation -W.R.Grace – has completed a settlement and developed a Trust for which homeowners may be able to make a claim for Asbestos containing Vermiculite Remediation.

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Is it an Asbestos Containing Material?

Knowing Tiger does Homeowner Consultations, his Realtor suggested the seller contact Tiger for advice. The Homeowner stated, “I have vermiculite Containing Asbestos in my home, should I be concerned?”

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Warm Weather Radon Testing

The first warm days of Spring are just around the corner. It’s a natural tendency to want to open the windows and take in the fresh air. We agree… except when a Radon Test is scheduled to be performed.

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After the Ice Dams…

So we’ve had the dubious distinction of having had the coldest February in modern record-keeping times here in Connecticut, and we’re experiencing the most developed ice dams since 2011.  Neither of which should be a particular issue… It’s what next that we need to prepare for: the melting.

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