Environmental Tests : Function Flow Test

Tiger’s Functional Flow Test reports on the condition of well system components and the performance of the well system during the one-hour test, as well as giving clients representation of pump performance and water supply in relation to “normal household usage”. This test satisfies the FHA/VA and other government loan requirements.

Our Functional Flow Test provides a more detailed analysis and component review than those tests commonly provided by most home inspectors. We include:

• Readings for flow and pressure at an exterior hose for 1 hour
• Determination if system provides enough water for normal household usage
• Well type
• Well head conditions
• Pump type and components
• Pressure tank conditions

If you are interested in the more detailed Yield Test or Recovery Test, we suggest contacting a well system company. A Yield Test or Recovery Test typically includes dismantling of well components and provides additional measurements and analysis beyond a Functional Flow Test.

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