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Mold Assessment

Assessing your home or office for the presence of mold is much more than simply taking a few air or surface samples. Our Mold Assessment includes a top to bottom visual and infrared evaluation of the home or building to determine the most accurate and effective sampling areas, and to determine the most effective number of samples. The only way to know if mold is a concern in a home is to have a thorough Mold Assessment in conjunction with air sampling.

The Mold Assessment includes a thorough evaluation of visible mold in all accessible areas and an evaluation of mold-conducive conditions throughout the house. Infrared thermography is also used to help detect thermal anomalies on surfaces that may signal water intrusion or other moisture-related conditions that could lead to mold growth.  The visual and infrared assessment will allow our Mold Specialist to determine why mold has become a problem and to offer advice on how to avoid mold problems in the future.

Our Mold Assessment includes laboratory analysis of air and surface samples. Air, surface, or bulk samples are taken as requested or needed, depending on existing conditions and our client’s needs. The samples are analyzed by an independent, nationally accredited laboratory that has years of experience in indoor air quality testing. The lab analysis is presented in an easily understood lab report and includes interpretation by your Tiger Mold Specialist. The report also includes photos if needed, and recommendations on how to proceed. Tiger’s Mold Assessment is available in conjunction with a Home Inspection or as a stand-alone service.

Tiger also offers Airborne Particulate Screening, an analysis of air samples to determine the level of over 20 common airborne allergens including many types of fibers, insect residue, soot, silicate, dander, and more. This service provides valuable information to homeowners regarding the air quality in their homes or in the workplace and helps determine if any of these allergens may be causing adverse health effects.

Our Mold Assessment and Airborne Particulate Screening reports offer valuable insight into the air quality of the home or building that goes well beyond the visual. Follow-up consultation with our specialists is always available.

Airborne Particulate Screening

Airborne allergens can have a significant effect on your health. Our Airborne Particulate Screening will identify the indoor levels of over 20 common airborne allergens, invaluable information for those with allergies or respiratory concerns. If you suspect that unidentified allergens may be affecting your health at home or at the workplace, Tiger’s Airborne Particulate Screening can help. This screening can be performed in conjunction with a Home Inspection or Mold Assessment, or as a stand-alone service.

For additional information on Mold Assessments and Remediation, visit the EPA Website or contact your CT State Department of Public Health (DPH).

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