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Mold has become a growing concern due to several factors including the liability issues regarding potential adverse health effects, an increase in vacant homes on the market, the negative stigma that mold-contaminated homes carry and a growing awareness of mold-related health issues. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that up to half of all structures have interior conditions that may encourage mold growth.

Mold Assessment

Mold Assessment includes laboratory analysis of air and surface samples. The samples are analyzed by an independent, nationally accredited laboratory that has years of experience in indoor air quality analysis. The lab analysis is presented in an easily understood lab report and includes interpretation by your Tiger Mold Specialist. Mold sampling is available as part of a Mold Inspection or as a Sampling-only service. Our sampling-only service includes a visual evaluation of the home or building to determine the most accurate & effective sampling areas, and recommended number of samples.

A Mold Assessment is available as part of a Home Inspection, Mold Inspection or as a Sampling-Only service. The purpose of a Mold Assessment is to evaluate levels of mold spores on the interior, and/or to take samples of visible suspected mold growth for identification. 

As part of the Assessment, a review of the accessible interior areas is made to determine areas conducive to mold growth and to determine the most accurate and effective locations for sampling.  Air, tape lift, swab or bulk samples are taken as requested or needed, depending on existing conditions. 

The samples are analyzed by an independent, nationally accredited lab and an analysis report is generated to describe the results in a reader-friendly format.

Our Mold Assessment also includes interpretation of the lab report by your Tiger Mold Specialist and photos, if needed, of mold growth. Follow-up consultation is always available.

Mold Inspection

A Mold Inspection includes a thorough assessment of active and potential water intrusion, areas of elevated humidity and other water related concerns, covering all accessible areas of the structure’s interior & exterior. A mold inspection also includes sampling as needed to obtain an accurate overview of conditions in the home.

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