Home Energy Upgrades – Where to Begin the Process

Home Energy Upgrades

Home Energy Upgrades – Where to Begin the Process

Talking about Energy Costs is like complaining about the Weather…

What are you doing about it?

It is common knowledge that Connecticut is amongst the highest in energy costs nationally, but what can we do about it?

There is no question that ultimately the best energy savings are a result of conservation, which we all practice to some degree. But when it comes time to invest, are we making smart choices?

Yes, the sale priced refrigerator may seem like a good investment, but often times we don’t stop to consider whether the operating costs over the next ten or so years make sense.

As part of a recent renovation of our 1929 colonial, we took the time to educate ourselves on several energy-saving improvements. While considering the investment that goes along with any energy-saving upgrades, we discovered there are many important choices to make. For example, while contemplating our insulation selection, we chose spray-foam insulation for its performance over other types of insulation because the cost-benefit was easily justifiable, and it creates an unbelievably comfortable home.  While it’s too soon to report on our true operating cost savings, we are very confident in the choices we made to improve our energy efficiency and overall comfort of our home.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of good information available to help you make smart purchase decisions when you consider any upgrades. Two programs we found valuable are:

Energy Star www.energystar.gov

  • You’ll find information on Energy Star Homes, appliances and other energy saving products
  • Learn about ways to measure your homes energy efficiency
  • Tax Credits and Energy Star Builders, along with a host of other features


Energize Connecticut www.energizect.com

  • The site is loaded with information for Residential and Business Consumers to use to find services and products available to help save energy dollars, some of the featured categories include:
  • Energy Saving Solutions like Home Energy Audits
  • Residential Solar Programs
  • Energy Star Retail Products and Rebate Programs
  • Financing Options and Rebates Available for Upgrades

Throughout our whole-house renovation, the Energize Connecticut Program Consultant provided excellent guidance through the process, the program offers to finance at interest rates lower than most home equity lines, and significant rebates for our investments.  

If you’re looking to save money either through energy conservation or by investing in appliance or system upgrades, these are two great places to begin your search. 

In our business we have daily conversations with clients looking for ways to save; they rely on our expertise and trust we will point them in the right direction. That’s what we call “Inspections. Simplified.”