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Preparing a house for sale

How to Prepare Your Listings for a Fall/Winter Sale

Throughout the years of working with clients during home inspections we have recognized consistent issues with winter home inspections that can be prevented with proactive steps by sellers.  As you may know, items such as swimming pools, cooling systems and lawn irrigation systems can not be fully inspected in the colder months. Joe DeLaurentis give us tips on how to manage these items now for a seamless transaction later.

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Pool inspections

Pool Inspections – The What, Why and How…

While pool inspections should be an integral part of the home inspection and buying processes, they are unfortunately sometimes not included or done as a mere afterthought. Maybe it’s because pools are often viewed as a luxury and not a necessity like many of the homes other components and/or systems. Regardless of the reason, failing to get a pool inspected by a licensed professional could prove to be an extremely costly decision down the road… READ MORE

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