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What is the Best Way to Mitigate Radon?

If you are a regular follower of our blog, you already know January is Radon Action Month, so let’s talk Radon!  We often get asked what is the best way to mitigate radon? As Inspectors, we routinely see depressurization mitigation systems in the field, however, there is an alternative mitigation system that we are seeing more often. We asked mitigation expert, Matt Bednarz of Connecticut Basement Systems Radon to help us understand the differences between the two most common Active Airborne Radon Mitigation Strategies, the standard Sub-Slab Depressurization, and the alternative Heat Recovery Ventilator System.

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Green Home Solutions

Indoor Disinfection Services

As you may know, Tiger Group is continuing to provide inspection services through COVID-19, with new inspection procedures for the […]

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Radon - is your family at risk?

Warm Weather + Radon Testing = Need for Better Communication

A very significant percentage of our Home and Building Inspections now include Radon Testing; it is clearly an important environmental concern for most home buyers. For us to do our job well – delivering the radon test report to our clients by our NRPP Certified Staff – we must have the proper test site conditions to provide our service in a timely fashion..

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Vermiculite insulation class action lawsuit

Vermiculite Class Action Suit Settled

Finally, it was announced in April 2015  that a major manufacturer of Vermiculite Insulation -W.R.Grace – has completed a settlement and developed a Trust for which homeowners may be able to make a claim for Asbestos containing Vermiculite Remediation.

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Warm weather radon testing protocols

Warm Weather Radon Testing

The first warm days of Spring are just around the corner. It’s a natural tendency to want to open the windows and take in the fresh air. We agree… except when a Radon Test is scheduled to be performed.

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