After the Ice Dams…

Ice Dams

After the Ice Dams…

So we’ve had the dubious distinction of having had the coldest February in modern record-keeping times here in Connecticut, and we’re experiencing the most developed ice dams since 2011.  Neither of which should be a particular issue for the advanced technology we can employ to keep our homes warm and dry. It’s what next that we need to prepare for… the melting.

If you’ve experienced a wet basement in the past, there’s a very good chance it will occur this spring. “No kidding,” you say? Also, if you have never experienced a wet basement, you have a better than average chance it may occur this year as well.

As the thaw begins, there are several things you can do over the next few weeks to lessen the chances of water in the basement. Take a tour around your  house and look at these areas:

  • Where possible, get the accumulated snow away (at least six feet) from the foundation 
  • Clean out your gutters (as soon as they thaw out)
  • Verify the gutter, yard and/or driveway drains are operational 
  • Extend your gutter (above-grade) downspouts with temporary flexible drain piping to move water away from the home’s foundation (six feet would be the minimum)
  • Check to see that window wells are clean and add covers as needed
  • Verify your sump pump operational by adding water to the sump basin to verify the pump operates as intended.

There probably isn’t much more you can do until the weather is willing to cooperate, but checking these areas will definitely help keep water away from the home’s foundation once the melting begins.