Carpenter Bees Nest; Do They Cause Damage?

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees Nest; Do They Cause Damage?

We’ve asked David Bisaillon, owner of Envirocare Pest Control, to share his expertise with us.

Do Carpenter Bees Nest?

It’s a fair question, but the answer is not as simple. The fact is that most people associate wasps, hornets and bumble bees with having a nest. However, the carpenter bee is much different.

It’s spring and you’re outside, and you see large robust what look to be bumble bees hovering by your roof line. You likely have carpenter bees, and it’s probably not the first year. The carpenter bees nest differs from other bees in that they’re not social. The carpenter bee female is solitary with the exception of the male hovering around the hole outside.

When carpenter bees nest, what they’re actually doing is drilling a hole where the female can deposit young. Once the female deposits an egg, she gathers a slurry of pollen and nectar so that the larva has something to feed on once it hatches. A carpenter bee female will repeat this cycle and deposit 6-7 eggs in the gallery. She then seals the hole before she departs leaving a black and yellow stain on the siding directly beneath the hole.

Carpenter Bees Nest and Damage

When we receive a call for carpenter bees and explain to a customer what’s happening, typically, they ask about damage.  Luckily, the damage that a carpenter bees nest causes is aesthetic in nature and is limited to the areas where they are. I suspect that this doesn’t make most homeowners feel better when they see all the holes the bees have made. Carpenter bee damage is never structural though, and they never nest in walls per-say.

Carpenter Bee and Woodpeckers

Ah the woodpecker! They’re the ultimate scavengers and are responsible for the holes on the face of your fascia board.  These federally protected pests are responsible for pecking at the fascia in the hopes of getting a free meal from the larva. The best way to get woodpeckers away from a carpenter bees nest is treatment for the bees.  After the bees are gone, scare tactics can be used to get the woodpeckers to move on.

Carpenter bees are a difficult pest to rid your home of, but thankfully there are companies open to the challenge. If you have carpenter bees and need assistance, call Envirocare Pest Control or your local exterminator.

Dave Bisaillon

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