Have You Heard? A Home Seller’s Preparation Inspection Has Immense Value For You

Pre-inspected House

Have You Heard? A Home Seller’s Preparation Inspection Has Immense Value For You

Seller’s Preparation Inspections have value well-beyond the cost of the service. Realtors that utilize this powerful tool will attest to that fact. Very simply, Seller Preparation Inspections provide valuable information that keep the sales process moving forward. Over the past 27 years, we’ve seen and learned a thing or two; and here’s what we’ve found:

  • There isn’t a top 5, 6, 10, or 13 things you need to do to sell a house list – it depends on the house.
  • Virtually everyone agrees curb appeal is important.
  • All houses require normal maintenance.

And while all are important, none of those things will necessarily matter once you have an accepted offer; But here’s what will matter:

  • Statistically, there is greater than a 90% chance the buyer will want a Home Inspection.
  • A prospective home buyer will be influenced by factors (and people) outside of the normal sales activities.

While we can’t help with the latter, as Home Inspectors we can weigh in on the former, and with that, here’s our Top 5 List “To Keep the Transaction Going after the Home Inspection”:

  • Home Inspectors find defects, it comes with the territory. A small number of these deficiencies are expected based upon the age and general condition of the home, whereas an inordinate amount of deficiencies will make a homebuyer “feel” differently about the home. The solution to minimizing these “laundry lists of inspection items” is to have someone go through the house prior to the buyer’s Home Inspection and address as many of the conditions as are practical to prevent the home buyer from becoming overwhelmed.
  • Think about the house you would like to purchase; wouldn’t you feel better knowing the major systems have received professional review prior to your purchase? So, have all serviceable equipment examined and tuned by a licensed technician. Annual maintenance for heating, cooling, irrigation, gas and solid fuel burning devices like fireplaces and wood stoves is anticipated by most prospective homebuyers. And a well-maintained home gives buyer confidence in what they are purchasing.
  • Provide the prospective home buyer with full access for the day of the Home Inspection so they feel like they are “at home”. Important access considerations include:
    • Provide access to attic, crawl, storage areas and all electrical, water and HVAC systems.
    • Remove pets for their safety and your piece of mind.
    • Leave keys and/or directions to garage, multi-unit or outbuilding access.
    • Find out how long the Inspection(s) will take; leave ½ hour early and expect a ½ hour longer than anticipated. (Trust us, having the homeowner endlessly driving around the block during the Home Inspection doesn’t make it go faster)
  • Show the prospective purchaser you truly have been a responsible caretaker for their new home by putting together a list of service providers including any history of service and contact information, including appliance repair, alarm monitoring, handyperson, or yard maintenance companies. (Homebuyers really appreciate having this information as often there is no record of these companies having been involved in the maintenance of the home)
  • Do yourself a favor and consider having a Seller Preparation Home Inspection and be sure to include a Wood Boring Insect Inspection. (Note: Lenders may require a Wood Boring Insect Inspection, and in some cases the home seller is required to pay for a Wood Boring Insect Inspection as a condition of certain mortgages)

And here’s where the power shifts to you. Having Home Inspection information available prior to listing your home “For Sale” puts you in control of the information and provides valuable information you can use to:

  • Decide what you want to fix or disclose based upon inspection findings.
  • Supplement your Marketing Strategy.
  • Avoid surprises that can ultimately marginalize the sale of your home.

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