Pool School – A Service to Simplify Things for the New Pool Owner

Pool Service

Pool School – A Service to Simplify Things for the New Pool Owner

Pools have become a very desirable home feature in recent years. While most home buyers will have a pool inspected as part of the inspection process, many people don’t know how to maintain their pool or know the signs for when to call in an expert. We asked Dan Christoforo from Aquatic Pools to share some advice for new pool owners, as well as the value of “Pool School”

Most people know they should have pools inspected as part of the inspection process when considering a new home. In fact, I have detailed the reasons why it is recommended in a past blog post with Tiger. However, what people often don’t know is exactly what to do with, or how to take care of a pool once they have purchased a home with one.  Basic pool care can seem very overwhelming and confusing to those who have never had to do it before. That is where a “Pool School” service comes in.

At Aquatic Pool, we typically recommend that prospective buyers schedule Pool School as soon as they close on their new home. A neglected pool can turn quickly from a welcoming place to cool off and relax after moving to a not-so-inviting home improvement project.

A few basic skills important to learning about your new pool are:

  • the basics of the filtration system and what to look for
  • how to clean and vacuum the pool
  • how to test and treat the water

We also typically take an inventory of any supplies on hand as well as required maintenance accessories (chemicals, pole, brush, vacuum head and hose, filter media, etc.) so we can recommend what the new homeowners should purchase. Some people like to take notes or video the pool school for reference later while others prefer to simply call for additional instruction if the need arises down the road.

Even if you plan on simply enjoying your pool and leaving the maintenance and service up to your pool professionals, it is in your best interest to at least have a basic understanding of its workings. This allows you to avoid unnecessary service calls for simple items like low water levels, dirty pump or skimmer baskets, or even a stuck skimmer weir. It also allows you to help us should you need to call for service. For example, you should be able to discern whether it’s your pump or filter that needs service.

Wherever you fall on the do-it-yourself spectrum, we have a level of service for you. Owning and caring for a pool does not have to be stressful, nor does it have to be super time-consuming. Let us take the worry away and show you how!

Aquatic Pool services Middlesex and New Haven Counties. If we are outside your service area, contact your local pool company and ask if they offer a similar service.

Dan Christoforo

Director of Service

203-239-SWIM(7946) dan@aquaticpool.com