Prepare Now to Avoid Delays Later

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Prepare Now to Avoid Delays Later

If we’ve learned anything over the last 18 months it’s prepare, prepare, prepare! Mail takes longer, lengthier lines form in stores, and many products, like home heating equipment, simply aren’t as available as in the past.
While the economy continues to rebound with homeowners investing in their homes, timing and availability remain a challenge. Manufacturers facing staffing shortages and supply-chain disruptions are left with little option but to pass on delays to the end consumer. Fewer companies are able to maintain inventory for products and parts and have shifted to point of sale waitlist management.
Time to be Proactive
Upgrading or replacing your home heating equipment might be more than you bargained for this season, but consider this: it’s a 10-degree day in January and your 30-year-old boiler kicks the bucket. What happens next?

  • No heat: You could be facing no heat and no hot water for a few hours to a few days. Prolonged time without heat can be uncomfortable, and, at its worst, lead to hypothermia and health complications.
  • Frozen pipes and water: No heat for even a short amount of time puts you at risk for frozen pipes that can result in water damage. Factor in areas with uninsulated pipes in attics and basements, your home can experience catastrophic damage. It is one of the most common and costly insurance claims for homeowners.
  • Equipment options: Equipment manufacturers are facing ever-changing challenges due to the pandemic. In the case of an emergency equipment installation, you might face significantly fewer options than if you proactively inspected and scheduled installing new heating equipment.

Stay Warm All Winter
With winter coming, start planning ahead now by contacting your service provider to service and, if necessary, upgrade or replace your heating system.

This fall, save up to $500 on the purchase and installation of a new heating system. For more information visit Gault Energy & Home Solutions. Or call to schedule an appointment with a Gault Comfort Specialist.

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