The Value of Tiger’s HUD Consultant in Renovation Loans

The Value of Tiger’s HUD Consultant in Renovation Loans

September 2023

It is well known that our current housing market has historically low inventory; it’s challenging to find your dream home that checks all the boxes. Much of our Connecticut housing inventory is in need of improvements, including renovations, energy-efficient updates, and even cosmetics. This is where Renovation Loans and HUD consultants can help, offering invaluable assistance to homeowners looking to improve their homes, whether it is at the time of purchase, or during homeownership.

Renovation Loans: Bridging the Financial Gap

Renovation loans are specialized programs designed to address the costs associated with home improvements, rolling those expenses directly into one loan – one mortgage payment. Renovation Loans can be utilized when purchasing a home or refinancing. Whether it’s something simple like painting or replacing a roof or HVAC system to more complex projects like upgrading a 1983 kitchen or adding a second story or primary suite, these loans provide a means to fund projects without the need for high-interest credit cards or draining one’s savings.

“Most of my clients spent many frustrating months searching for the ideal home before learning about Renovation Loans. I love educating people on the process and their options. They are so pleased with the avenue chosen and the results – a home with all the features and upgrades they dreamed about. Have you ever walked into a house and thought, I love this house, but… Insert your ‘but.’ That’s where George Turner and I can help” -Renovation Loan Specialist, Tammie Crainich of Total Mortgage

One of the most significant advantages of renovation loans is their flexibility. These loans consider the projected post-renovation value of the property, allowing homeowners to borrow based on the property’s future worth. This means that homeowners can undertake more substantial projects with a reasonable loan amount, often at a competitive interest rate.

Different types of renovation loans cater to various needs. FHA 203(k) loans, for instance, are insured by the Federal Housing Administration and are perfect for buyers who want to purchase a “fixer-upper” and finance the renovations into their mortgage. Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage is another option that provides funds for both the purchase and renovation of a home. Both of these loans empower homeowners to turn their dream homes into a reality, even if the property requires extensive improvements.  HomeStyle can even cover luxury upgrades like a new pool or patio with an outdoor kitchen!

Tiger’s HUD Consultants: Guiding the Renovation Process

Navigating the renovation process can be complex, especially for those without prior experience. This is where Housing and Urban Development (HUD) consultants come into play. Tiger HUD Consultant, George Turner, has extensive experience in guiding thousands of our clients through the process successfully. George specializes in helping homeowners make informed decisions about renovations, identifying required HUD improvements, as well as ensuring compliance with regulations and contractors. A HUD consultant is often a requirement of the loan process to provide an objective assessment of the property’s condition, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and ensuring a successful renovation project. But even when not required, having a HUD Consultant involved can give clients great peace of mind and can simplify the process. With his years of experience, George has put together the best team of lenders and contractors to ensure a smooth process.

Together Renovation Loans and HUD consultants play crucial roles in helping homeowners transform their properties into functional, enjoyable, and valuable living spaces.  Renovation Loans provide the necessary funds to undertake projects that might otherwise be financially challenging, while HUD Consultants offer expert guidance to ensure that renovations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also compliant with regulations and the project plan.

Questions about the process? George Turner is available to answer your questions and recommend reputable and experienced lenders and contractors at 800-328-4677.