A Child’s Struggle with Mold Toxicity: A Case Study

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A Child’s Struggle with Mold Toxicity: A Case Study

Recently, a distressed mother sought our help after her daughter’s recurrent health issues were linked to mold exposure. In our initial conversation, we learned the 7-year-old had multiple extended stays at the hospital over 3 months, only to become ill on each return home. Through extensive medical testing, her doctors were finally able to determine that the child was exposed to toxigenic mold.

Our new client had previously hired two mold inspection companies to perform testing in the home; both inspections revealed elevated mold spores and identified moisture conditions, but neither could identify the correct source. Our client was very frustrated after spending time and money to resolve what was thought to be the cause of the mold growth, but the illness continued. Ultimately the parents decided to move the child in with relatives where she began her recovery. Committed to resolving the underlying issue, the parents contacted us to see if we could help.

Mold assessment and remediation can be complex, often requiring thorough investigation to pinpoint the root cause. Choosing an inspection company with extensive training, proper tools, and the ability to do important fact-finding is critical in getting to the root cause of the issue. Despite previous inspections, the source remained elusive until our intervention.

Through Tiger’s extensive Mold Assessment process including document review, inspection, and testing we isolated the source of the mold to the HVAC System. Mold was well-established within the attic’s heating air handler and ductwork. The repairs needed were extensive, including replacing the aged duct system. The child is now back home and healthy!

Tiger’s process by our Certified Mold Specialists is key to the discovery and ultimate solutions. Here’s a look at our process:

  • We interview each client focusing on symptoms and possible areas of concern.
  • Inspect the property’s exterior, identifying any areas of potential water intrusion that could affect the home’s interior.
  • Inspect the interior of the property from the attic, all interior rooms including cabinet and closet areas, and down to the basement.
  • Employ Infrared Thermal Imaging tools and humidity sensors to identify areas of potential moisture and/or areas conducive to mold growth.
  • Conduct exterior and interior mold sampling based on the conditions observed.
  • An average Mold Assessment is 1.5-2 hours.

Our reporting includes 3rd party accredited lab results, our visual assessment findings, remediation recommendations, and an explanatory cover letter (in lay-person terminology) is sent within 5 business days. The method of cleanup is based on the amount and types of mold/particulates identified through the process. Some jobs will require professional remediation and others may be tackled by a handy homeowner. As an independent third party, Tiger Group Inc. does not perform any remediation services, but we offer remediator and other contractor recommendations to our clients.

Following our thorough process has been the hallmark of our success for over three decades. Our Mold Specialists are experienced and highly trained, and their intuition leads to positive outcomes. Through collaboration, we can help clients live healthier lives.