Vermiculite Class Action Suit Settled

Vermiculite insulation class action lawsuit

Vermiculite Class Action Suit Settled

Finally, it was announced in April 2015  that a major manufacturer of Vermiculite Insulation –W.R.Grace – has completed a settlement and developed a Trust for which homeowners may be able to make a claim for Asbestos containing Vermiculite Remediation. For further informationvisit: W.R. Grace Zonolite Website

For information regarding any Potential Asbestos Containing Materials, including:  

  • Identification of Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Possible locations where can Asbestos be found
  • The Potential Health Effects of Asbestos Exposure
  • How Clients Can Protect Themselves from Asbestos

Visit the EPA Website and the EPA Asbestos Vermiculite Page.

Questions regarding the management, remediation or removal of any potential Asbestos Containing Materials may be directed to the Connecticut Department of Public Health.