Warm Weather + Radon Testing = Need for Better Communication

Radon - is your family at risk?

Warm Weather + Radon Testing = Need for Better Communication

Warm Weather + Radon Testing = Need for Better Communication

As fellow Real Estate Professionals we understand the need to communicate effectively with clients regarding timely topics. We are fast approaching the warmest part of the year and anticipate radon report delays as a result of homes and buildings not being prepared for warm weather radon testing.

A very significant percentage of our Home and Building Inspections now include Radon Testing; it is clearly an important environmental concern for most home buyers. For us to do our job well – delivering the radon test report to our clients by our NRPP Certified Staff – we must have the proper test site conditions to provide our service in a timely fashion.

Notification to key-holders and occupants is at the top of our list when clients call for service. As you may be aware, each Tiger client is sent a notice upon the completion of a work order for service and in many cases that is where the flow of information is disrupted. The challenge is that we do not have access to anyone other than our client, we simply do not have the information necessary and permission to convey or enforce compliance. That’s where we need your assistance.

We want to help you be successful, in order to do that, we need the support of the Real Estate Community to engage home selling clients when Radon testing is part of the Sales Contract. Ensuring the information detailing the Warm Weather Radon Testing Protocols gets to the occupant of the home or building, detailing the need to have closed house conditions at the beginning of and throughout the radon test period is critical. Once we arrive at the job-site, we are at the mercy of the conditions present; not having closed house conditions delays results, it’s just that simple.

We are sending this information to all Realtors in our database in hopes that you will help us to help you keep your transaction moving forward. We need you to discuss the “closed house conditions” requirements with the occupants where radon testing has been requested.

Working together, we can be successful in the delivery of timely information and remove impediments to our mutual success.

If you have any questions regarding radon or any of our Environmental Testing Services, please contact us at 800-328-4677.