Inspection Day Preparations

Preparing for inspection day

Inspection Day Preparations

Whether you are buying or selling, preparing for the home inspection allows for a smoother and less stressful transaction.  Being proactive can reduce return visits to the property and allow for a better-informed buyer. Following the below tips prior to inspection day will keep the transaction on track and make it a more positive experience for all parties involved in the process.

Buyer Preparations

Prior to Inspection Day:
o Ensure accessibility for the inspector with Realtors and Sellers (see seller list – access and systems)
o Know your contractual deadlines for lab results and inspection reports prior to scheduling
o Review town records and permits
o Contact your insurance carrier for specific requests
o Be informed that your inspector and contractors are licensed and insured
o Liability
o Errors and Omissions
o Workers Compensation

Inspection Day:
o Attend without distractions
o Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
o Prepare a list of questions and concerns
o Plan to be onsite 2-4 hours
o Review report in its entirety

Seller Preparations

Prior to Inspection Day:
o Provide complete and clear access to:
o Walkways/Driveway
o Attic entry
o Crawl space entry
o Electrical panel
o Perimeter of garage and basement
o Systems and fuel sources
o Water and electricity turned on
o Light pilot for gas appliances
o Fuel source for running HVAC
o Batteries in thermostats
o Working light bulbs
o Provide service records for HVAC
o Be informed that inspectors brought on your property are insured (see buyer list)
o Closed house conditions for a minimum of 12 hours if the buyer is testing for radon

Inspection Day:
o Remove pets from the property
o Plan to vacate the home for 3-4 hours
o Be available to answer questions about the property
o Anticipate maintaining closed-house conditions for up to 3 business days for radon testing

Super savvy seller tips:
o Invest in a Seller Preparation Inspection
o Repair/replace or provide quotes as needed
o Display reports, service records and repair receipts in a Tiger Home Seller Binder

In our vast experience, we have found pro-actively working together allows for a much smoother transaction. Our office is open 7 days/week to answer any questions you may have about preparing for the inspection. We welcome the questions and conversation.