Selling Your Home? Prepare for the Buyer’s Radon Test

Closed house conditions for radon tests

Selling Your Home? Prepare for the Buyer’s Radon Test

Radon test preparations for a smoother transaction, a message for sellers

The warm days of 2020 are here, and It’s a natural tendency to want to open the windows and take in the fresh air! We agree, except when a Radon Test is scheduled to be performed…

Our congratulations to you on the anticipated sale of your home; we have a few tips to help the process move along accordingly…

As your listing agent has informed you, the Radon Test scheduled in your home will require you following an EPA testing standard called “Closed House Conditions” during the radon test period of, at a minimum, two days, and possibly three days. So, how will that impact you?

Very simply, just as the standard implies, the entire house must be kept closed during the radon test period. This includes all windows, doors, and any ventilation that will discharge air to the exterior of the home, along with a few systems operation restrictions which may or may not apply to your home.

You will be left a Radon Testing Notice with specific directions designed to help you maintain compliance with the Radon Testing Protocol which addresses, of course, normal entry and exit to and from your home during testing.

Radon is an important health concern to most new home buyers and following the testing protocols is critical to achieving accurate test results. Radon testing is time sensitive and is commonly being paid for by the home buyer.  If you cannot comply with the Radon Testing Protocols, you should contact your Realtor as soon as possible prior to the scheduled test to explore your options.

A Tiger Certified Radon Professional can answer your questions regarding radon testing; we can find our contact information on the “Radon Testing Notice” left on your kitchen counter, or call our office anytime. Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we will not retrieve the leave behind paperwork or door hangers, please discard them at your convenience after the test has been completed.

Click HERE to learn more about Radon Testing Protocols for home buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.