We Insist on the Best for YOUR Family, Just Like You Do

Radon monitor is state-of-the-art technology

We Insist on the Best for YOUR Family, Just Like You Do

You don’t have to look far to find people who want to do the right thing, they are all around you. At Tiger Group, that is just how we feel; having the best-trained staff and utilizing the most advanced equipment is how we show we care for your family too.

For over 28 years, Tiger Group has been dedicated to building the highest quality radon testing program possible by investing in certifying our staff and using only the best testing equipment available. We subject ourselves to the scrutiny of the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP), the program “recognized and demanded by both federal agencies and state radon programs, NRPP credentials indicate to building owners and service providers the mastery of the specific skills required to successfully complete radon testing and remedial projects”.

In addition to being listed on the NRPP site as credentialed measurement providers, clients will be interested to know Tiger has recently upgraded to the next generation testing equipment from Radstar, a leader in Radon Testing Equipment. Tiger only uses Continuous Monitors for Short Term Residential Radon Testing to ensure clients receive the correct information they need to make important mitigation decisions. Continuous Monitors are more intuitive than passive testing devices and are the gold standard in short-term testing as found in real estate transactions.

Having equipment capable of not only measuring the radon levels, but also monitoring the temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity, with power monitoring and tamper notification, allows Tiger clients to have peace of mind the results are reliable. Having staff trained to properly ascertain the accuracy of the information is the quality Connecticut homebuyers and homeowners have come to rely upon.

When you need accurate and timely information, let our environmental staff take care of YOU, just like family!