Mold: Let Us Put It in Perspective for You

Mold Spores affect your health

Mold: Let Us Put It in Perspective for You

Clients often ask us if they should consider a Mold Assessment for their potential home; there is rarely a simple answer. Before we answer this question, we must ask a few of our own because mold is a living, growing organism that affects people differently.

  • Do you have concerns about the indoor air quality in this home?
  • Do you have a sensitivity to mold, allergic reactions, adverse respiratory responses, suppressed immune system, or other health concerns?
  • Are there conditions in the home that could cause mold growth or signs of potential mold substances, such as a pipe burst or water leak, water entry and moisture issues, chronic high humidity, or past water damage?

If you find visible mold but are unsure if the mold or mold spores have spread throughout the home or building, Tiger’s Mold Assessment will give assurance of the current conditions. Mold growth in a building can always be corrected; it is simply a matter of removing the existing mold (called mold remediation) and correcting the underlying moisture condition that allowed mold to grow.

Mold is a specific sub-group, or phylum, of the fungus kingdom. Its job is to break down dead matter, mostly cellulose like trees, leaves and such, and it spreads by producing spores. Inside a home, it can become problematic. Molds must have a source of moisture to grow and reproduce, but it doesn’t take much moisture to get them growing. Even an elevated humidity level, such as in a basement or closet, can be enough. Controlling moisture is the key to controlling mold growth.

Assessing your home or office for the presence of mold is much more than simply taking a few air or surface samples. Our Mold Assessment includes a top to bottom visual and infrared evaluation of the home or building to determine the most accurate and effective sampling areas, and to locate any areas likely to support mold growth. The only way to know if mold is a concern in a home is to have a thorough Mold Assessment in conjunction with air sampling. Air sampling will reveal what our senses cannot – the amount of mold spores in the air. Other samples, such as surface or bulk samples, can also help to define the extent of any mold conditions. The Assessment will help determine the scope of any mold issues as well as help identify the underlying conditions that allowed the mold to grow. The Assessment will also offer general recommendations as to how to proceed if mold is discovered to be a concern. We provide an objective opinion for your knowledge and benefit because we do not have a conflict of interest in providing remediation services.

And your Mold Specialist is always available for consultation.

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William Denslow

Manager, Tiger Mold Division