The Cold Got You Down?

Energy audit

The Cold Got You Down?

Rising heating costs got you down? Tired of cold drafts? You can make a change with an energy audit. Learn how your home can work efficiently and more economically, so it’s a home you value more. It’s about more than just saving energy: it’s comfort, convenience, and money in your pocket. No matter how you heat your home, whether you’re buying a home or just updating where you live now, energy professionals will make improvements that lower your energy bills for immediate and long-term savings.

I did some research last year and took advantage of this great program myself. Recently, I was wondering if this program was still around; this is what I found on Energize CT’s website: Home Energy Solutions are available to eligible customers for a $50 co-pay. Eversource has authorized contractors to make on-the-spot energy-saving upgrades to your home—such as advanced power strips, sealing air leaks, and installing water-saving devices are just a few examples. You’ll get a personalized report to help you understand your home’s energy use and opportunities to save. You may also receive a rebate for up to $1.70 per square foot on approved insulation projects recommended during your visit. This means you will save thousands of dollars getting your home insulated.

Your energy assessment may include:

  • Approximately $1,000 in products and services
  • A Home Energy Score
  • Custom energy-saving recommendations for your home
  • Rebates and financial incentives to help you save

According to Energize CT on average, Connecticut households save $200 per year from the initial visit, and often more if additional measures are completed. 

As mentioned earlier, last year I had an energy audit done on my house; they changed light bulbs and conducted a test to find drafts. They then caulked the drafts, sealing areas around outside faucets, and other gaps—plus gave me recommendations for where I needed new/more insulation. Turns out, I qualified for the rebate because I didn’t have any installation in my basement, and what was in the attic didn’t meet the recommended R-Value for common ceiling and attic spaces. I had the authorized contractor install the recommended insulation, submitted the paperwork for the rebate, and saved thousands of dollars!

To learn more about a virtual pre-assessment go to Energize CT

Contributed by Sue Fasciani, Tiger Group Inc.