We Totally Forgot – April 2022

30 year anniversary

We Totally Forgot – April 2022

Here we are spring of 2022 and we just realized we totally forgot to celebrate our special month last year. You see, April is National Home Inspection Month. And, with all the chaos, we neglected to celebrate!

But here we are in 2022, and April is National Home Inspection Month once again. As an added bonus, Tiger is also celebrating 30 years as a Connecticut family business!

Why should we celebrate National Home Inspection month?  We believe it’s worth celebrating because we are an industry that provides a very valuable service – Consumer Protection.

We protect consumers by making sure their homes are safe for occupancy, ensuring clients have a good sense of the condition of their homes and a thorough understanding of what they are purchasing. We want our clients to be able to plan for things that may occur in the future, such as necessary upgrades and investments in their homes, as well as perform repairs to prevent future deterioration.

Are you wondering how we do all this?

  • By continuously educating ourselves as demonstrated by the licenses and certifications we maintain.
  • By addressing client concerns during the Home Inspection – identifying systems and components that are significantly deficient or at the end of their useful lives.
  • By serving as a neutral third-party resource for all our client’s future needs as they relate to the maintenance and care of their homes.
  • By providing environmental services to monitor the quality of the air and water in their homes.
  • And, finally, by educating other Real Estate Professionals in support of the entire Real Estate Industry.

We are incredibly grateful for all our good fortune and proud of our Tiger Team and the service they provide. In celebration of both National Home Inspection Month and Tiger’s 30th Anniversary, we are offering our home buying clients $30 savings on a Home Inspection and $30 savings on a Radon Test. Expires December 31, 2022.