Water: Would We Be “Well” Without It?

Water: Would We Be “Well” Without It?

March 2023

Have you tested your well water lately to ensure it is safe to drink? In Connecticut, we are incredibly fortunate to have ready access to well water, however, homeowners are responsible for testing their own.

If you live in a community that provides municipal services, you really don’t have to do much. You can obtain water testing results from your local water company.

When you live in a home served by a private well, one may assume the water is good. But when did you last test it? I suspect that very question is behind a new piece of Connecticut Legislation created to increase awareness of well water testing recommendations and frequency.

Connecticut’s Environmental Health and Drinking Water Branch has passed new legislation that details the changes to private well testing laws in Connecticut, known as “EHDW Circular Letter #2022-60” effective October 1, 2022.

The document:

  • The law now requires educational materials to be offered on private well testing to prospective buyers and/or tenants by real estate licensees and/or homeowners. This will affect home buyers, sellers, and renters.
  • Addresses expanding required testing of newly constructed wells to include Arsenic, Uranium, and Lead, which were not previously State Testing Requirements. This will affect builders and owners of newly constructed private wells.
  • Discusses requirements for testing laboratory reporting, which does not directly affect homeowners.


You can view the new Connecticut Well Water Testing Requirements HERE.

As stated by the Department of Public Health, “testing is the only way to know your water is safe to drink, and/or if there are nuisance contaminants present for which you may want to treat.” And water quality can and does change over time based on a variety of conditions.

If you need assistance in determining the type of testing you need for your home, we can provide the guidance and schedule the testing you need – today!