April Showers Can Bring…. Mold Growth

April Showers Can Bring…. Mold Growth

Everyone wants to breathe clean air, especially in their home. As essential as clean water, clean air will help keep you and your family healthy and comfortable in your home. Many airborne contaminants are too small to see, and some can’t be detected without special testing.

One of the most common airborne contaminants is mold spores; they are microscopic and we can’t see them, smell them, or taste them. But they can have significant health effects. If you ever notice a musty, moldy smell in your basement or other areas, it’s probably caused by gasses that mold gives off as it grows. These gasses are microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) that indicate mold is growing somewhere nearby.

The only way to know if mold spores are a problem is to have air samples analyzed by a lab to find out if indoor spore levels are significantly higher than in outdoor air. But you want more than just air testing. You’ll want to know what caused the mold to grow, how widespread it is, and how to eliminate it and keep it from returning.

A Tiger Mold Assessment evaluates the indoor air to determine if the indoor airborne mold spore levels are higher than normal. Our Certified Mold Assessors will visually inspect the house from top to bottom, looking for visible mold and moisture concerns. Additionally, we utilize Infrared Scanning to find any latent damp areas that indicate hidden moisture and air leaks that may lead to condensation and moisture.

The simple fact is: moisture is the problem; mold is the symptom. That’s why we include a thorough investigation for moisture-related concerns throughout your home. The Mold Assessment will offer not only an evaluation of airborne mold spores and visible mold but also help provide solutions on how to keep mold from growing or continuing to grow. The report is comprehensive, easily understood, and contains the actual laboratory analysis of your samples.

It’s important to remember, a mold problem can always be corrected. It’s simply a matter of determining the scope of the problem, having the mold removed, and controlling the moisture. Tiger Group’s highly experienced and certified Mold Assessors will help you understand the scope of any mold-related concerns and guide you to a successful solution.

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William Denslow

Manager & Certified Mold Specialist

License Home Inspector