It’s That Time of Year Again… Warm Weather Radon Testing Protocols

It’s That Time of Year Again… Warm Weather Radon Testing Protocols

The first warm days of Summer are here. It’s a natural tendency to want to open the windows and take in the fresh air. We agree… except when a Radon Test is scheduled to be performed.

The Radon Test scheduled during a real estate transaction will require all parties to follow the EPA Testing Standard “Closed House Conditions” during the radon test period of at least 48 hours. What does that mean for you?

Very simply, the entire house must be kept closed 12 hours prior to and during the radon test period; this includes all windows, doors, and any ventilation that will discharge air to the exterior of the home. Our certified testing staff will further discuss a few potential systems operation restrictions which may or may not apply to a house. The testing allows for normal entry and exit during the testing period. 

What happens when the house isn’t closed up 12 hours prior? No problem – our Continuous Monitor Testing Device allows for a delayed start time so the house can reach equilibrium. But keep in mind, this creates a longer testing time frame to meet the EPA requirements. 

Radon is an important health concern to most home buyers and following the testing protocols is critical to achieving accurate test results. At the time of the testing, Tiger will provide a Radon Testing Notice with specific directions for maintaining compliance with the EPA Radon Testing Standards. Testing is time-sensitive in a real estate transaction. If the home occupants cannot comply with the Radon Testing Protocols, communication among Realtors and their clients is invaluable prior to the scheduled test to explore testing options.

To learn more about radon testing, review the EPA’s Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon. 

Tiger Radon Testing Staff:

  • Are Certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).
  • Carry eKeys for convenient radon test set and pick up.
  • Can pre-set the radon monitor before inspection day for expedited results. 
  • Utilizes the latest Continuous Radon Monitor Technology for accurate results

Call us with your radon questions or to schedule a test: 800-328-4677