Ensuring Excellence in Inspecting Luxury Homes, Estates, and Equestrian Properties

Ensuring Excellence in Inspecting Luxury Homes, Estates, and Equestrian Properties

June 2024

We’ve dedicated our latest blog post to the essential and meticulous process of home inspection for luxury homes, estates, and equestrian properties. With over 30 years in business, we have developed a team of 28 diversified specialists; our team has seen it all! Whether you are a buyer, seller, or real estate professional, you recognize the importance of understanding the conditions of these unique and prestigious properties – Waterfront Houses, Equestrian Properties, Estates, and Luxury Homes.

Choosing the Right Inspection Team

When it comes to these special properties, the complexities are greater, and the stakes are higher. These homes boast exceptional architectural design, grand rooflines, lavish amenities, new technologies, and multiple structures. However, they can also have hidden defects, maintenance issues, or safety concerns that may not be immediately apparent. The Tiger Team has the expertise and experience to manage the inspection process thoroughly and professionally.

A Tiger inspection provides a comprehensive assessment of the property’s condition, highlighting potential issues that may require attention. We construct the appropriate Tiger Team for each property, including a lead inspector working with additional specialized inspectors, environmental testing staff, mold specialists, and certified drone operators, as needed. The lead inspector is responsible for client communication, job planning, and the final report preparation. By investing in a professional inspection, our clients can make informed decisions, plan for repairs or upgrades, and, protect their investments.

The Details Matter

The scope of a home inspection for luxury homes, estates, and equestrian properties covers all aspects of a standard home inspection, but can include additional valuable considerations:

  1. Inspection Technology:
    • Our Infrared Cameras assist in moisture intrusion identification and are also an intricate part of our Mold Assessment Service.
    • Our Certified Drone Operators allow access to roofing, chimneys, siding, and trim details on tall and inaccessible building areas.
  2. Multi-Building Properties: Most importantly, our team approach is efficient and effective while inspecting multi-building properties, equestrian facilities, pool and guest houses, and more.
  3. Structural: Our inspectors are well-versed in larger structures, advanced designs, intricate decks, and balconies.
  4. Waterfront Properties have specific issues due to weather exposure, moisture concerns, and unique materials such as specialty doors and windows.
  5. Mechanical and Electrical Systems: Advanced technology, commercial grade, and larger systems require expertise far beyond your average home systems.
  6. The Interior fixtures and features are often rare and luxurious, requiring a trained eye.
  7. Special Features: We are experienced in evaluating luxury components such as smart home technology, outdoor kitchens, home theaters, wine cellars, and more. We provide specialist referrals for swimming pools, spas, docks, and seawalls.

Why Tiger Group, Inc.

Knowledge is your greatest asset for making informed decisions on your investment. Our comprehensive process for luxury homes, estates, and equestrian properties allows us to perform an efficient on-site inspection and provide our clients with detailed reports and environmental results. We not only uncover potential concerns but also provide valuable insights into the property’s overall condition, allowing you to plan for properly maintaining and upgrading your investment.

We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful region with exceptional estates and luxury homes; you can trust our experience and expertise to assist with these purchases. We look forward to working with our clients and representing real estate professionals in this specialized market.