Seller Preparation Inspection: Less Stress, Faster Sale

Pre-inspected House

Seller Preparation Inspection: Less Stress, Faster Sale

Home Inspectors find defects; it comes with the territory. A small number of these deficiencies are expected based upon the age and general condition of the home. Whereas an inordinate amount of deficiencies will make a home buyer “feel” differently about the home – overwhelmed and disenchanted. Over 50% of home inspection findings are deferred maintenance, easily fixable by a handy homeowner or handyman. Having Home Inspection information available prior to listing a house “For Sale” has many transaction benefits:

  • A well-maintained home stands out in the competition
  • Disclosing deficiencies takes them off the negotiating table
  • Fewer post-inspection re-negotiations from a buyer
  • Avoid surprises that can impact the sale of the home
  • “Inspection Binder” will make you stand-out as a Realtor
  • Close faster and for more $$$!


Statistically, there is a 90% chance the buyer will have a home inspection. Preparing the home by repairing simple maintenance items will ease concern and create confidence in the buyer that they are purchasing a well-maintained home. And repairing or disclosing larger concerns can take post-inspection negotiations out of the process.

Keep in mind, the issues lurking will come out eventually at the buyer’s inspection. When you have all the information upfront, you are in control of the transaction. Not only will a well-maintained home stand out in the market competition, it potentially sells faster and for a higher sale price.

Proactive Seller Action Items

  •  Start with a Seller Preparation Inspection
  •  Obtain repair quotes at a more reasonable price than a buyer will in a time-crunch
  •  Decide what to repair and what to disclose
  •  Address maintenance items so the house shows better
  •  Service HVAC and other systems by licensed technicians
  •  Have seasonal items such as Pools, AC and Irrigation serviced before shutting down for winter and provide report

Tiger Add-ons

  • Display the Inspection Report at showings
  • Tiger provides a binder to organize relevant service and repair documents
  • Display “Pre-Inspected” yard sign provided by Tiger


Looking to prepare a home for market? Call Tiger for a Seller Preparation Inspection at 800-328-4677.