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Irrigation system inspection

What You Should Know About Irrigation Systems

As part of your home inspection and purchase due diligence, obtaining service records from the vendor who has maintained the irrigation system can be extremely valuable, and having an evaluation by a professional will eliminate the risk of purchasing a home with an irrigation system riddled with leaks and other costly problems. If you are purchasing a home during the winter months, at a minimum, have the seller provide you proof of winterization for some peace of mind.

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Mold Spores affect your health

Mold: Let Us Put It in Perspective for You

Clients often ask us if they should consider a Mold Assessment for their potential home; there is rarely a simple answer. Before we answer this question, we must ask a few of our own because mold is a living, growing organism that affects people differently.

Do you have concerns about the indoor air quality in this home?
Do you have a sensitivity to mold, allergic reactions, adverse respiratory responses, suppressed immune system, or other health concerns?
Are there conditions in the home that could cause mold growth or signs of potential mold substances, such as a pipe burst or water leak, water entry and moisture issues, chronic high humidity, or past water damage?

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Indoor Disinfection Services

As you may know, Tiger Group is continuing to provide inspection services through COVID-19, with new inspection procedures for the […]

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Air Conditioning Condenser

Repair or Replace? How to Decide

At home inspections, we often encounter older equipment that is not functioning properly. We asked Douglas Mechanical Services to share […]

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